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5 Smart Ways to Save Energy Cost on Air Conditioning


It doesn’t matter if you rent or own Energy-Efficient HVAC Equipment Helps Keep Temperature Comfortable in Any Setting. Now Available In VA: you could Install Solar With No Upfront Cost + You are running your HVAC more efficiently. Even the smaller the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures during the summertime, the less you’ll spend. Set your AC’s thermostat into 78ºF rather than 72ºF (in case you don’t mind some heat), and you could lop off as much as 18 percent from your summer cooling costs. “Setting your AC as high as is possible and using a programmable thermostat to increase the temperature when you are outside or asleep could quickly reduce your summer cooling bill by 10 percent.

Walking into a hot home? HVAC Energy Saving Tips

Energy Audit: spend time and money into having an energy audit performed on your house or business to determine where your energy is being wasted and how to grow the overall efficiency of your HVAC system in Fredericksburg.

Regular Care: If your AC system in Fredericksburg has to work harder due to dust, buildup, dirty filters, or clogged drains, it uses more energy and costs you more cash. Routine maintenance ensures that your system runs at optimum efficiency.

Set Your Thermostat: Operate your HVAC system in Fredericksburg in optimum and steady temperatures to create the most efficient system. Plan your system’s schedule around your own to make a timely and efficient way to handle your system’s usage.

Seal: Sealing your house from drafts may make a massive difference in your HVAC energy costs. All this happens is finding safe and intelligent ways to get rid of areas where warm air is escaping, and cold air is finding its way indoors.

Insulate: Add more insulation where/when possible. Insulating the house’s attic is a great place to start.

Keep Out the summertime Heat: In the, use blinds and shades to keep the direct sun and extra heat out of your dwelling. This means that you’re helping your air conditioner never work harder than it must.

Switch Off Ceiling Fans: Ceiling fans do not cool the air; they only circulate it and make you feel cooler. Use them if you’re home to keep things comfortable but turn them off once you leave the house.

Run Appliances in Night: Things such as your dishwasher and washing machine produce heat. If you operate them at night following the temperature outside drops, then your air conditioner doesn’t have to work so hard to keep things cool inside your house.

Use Space Heaters in VA: Especially if you’re only using one area of your Fredericksburg home in the Virginia winter, think about a space heater instead of heating your entire home.

Upgrade: If you don’t now possess an energy-efficient HVAC system in Fredericksburg, or your system is over ten years old, it might be worth upgrading. The EPA estimates energy-efficient systems can pay for themselves in a short period.

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The best way to lower your HVAC energy consumption and lower your monthly bills would replace an older unit with a new energy-efficient model. Old units are electricity suckers, and they can cost you hundreds more every month. The newer systems pay for themselves quickly and continue to save money in the long term; the monthly drain on power can be spectacular even in the summer. New heater units installed are Energy Star certified for conservation, which means they’ll reduce your electricity usage considerably. Reduce your HVAC energy bills by undertaking a few simple steps.

1. Keep up with routine maintenance. …
2. Operate your Fredericksburg HVAC system at optimum and stable
temperatures. …
3. Seal your home from drafts. …
4. Beef up your insulation. …
5. Turn down the thermostat. …
6. Use a programmable thermostat. …
7. Change your air filters regularly.

To learn more on Energy Star certified systems, talk to a professional now.

Load Calculations in VA: This is the first step in deciding what system is suitable for your home. Load calculations make sure you’re purchasing the ideal size system. A system that’s too small is forced to work overtime, while a system that’s too large will cost you more and increase your maintenance cost.

Ratings: All versions have a Seasonal HVAC Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER). This evaluation computes the power efficiency of the equipment based on a seasonal average. The U.S. Department of Energy takes a minimum SEER of 13 for all new systems from the northern U.S. Even increasing your score from a 10 to a 13 can make a huge difference in your bills. The most recent designs have ratings between 20-28; these components may increase your energy consumption by up to 30 percent.

Get Better HVAC Energy Efficiency

Tips to Reduce Fredericksburg Energy Consumption with Central AC Use

An intelligent thermostat includes sensors that control your property’s heating and cooling systems. You have choices that aren’t available with a standard thermostat. For instance, you can program temperatures for various times of the day if you are at home or away. You also can adjust temperatures from your smartphone. You can be around town for lunch and take care of your thermostat in your home. 22401 22402 22404 Fredericksburg is a city on the Rappahannock River in Virginia, Known for its colonial and Civil War history, south of Washington, D.C., near Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania. The park’s Fredericksburg National Cemetery is the final resting place of thousands of Union soldiers.

Ways to Improving the Energy Efficiency of Your Woodbridge HVAC cost

The energy-efficient HVAC system in Fredericksburg

Maintain different heating and cooling needs within your house without worrying about what your monthly bill will look like. Regardless of the system you have or the upgrades you make, keeping your system with regular maintenance is the key to getting what you pay for and ensuring that your system provides the most effective comfort levels possible. Connect using a local HVAC technician now.


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