How Humid Should My Home Be?

A home’s humidity level affects the overall health of its occupants. High humidity levels lead to the deterioration of furniture. Besides damaging your home, low humidity levels can lead to the aggravation of allergies, peeling of paint, splintering of wood, coughs, and other health problems. Given that, you might ask what level of humidity is the right one to maintain for your home.

Ideally, a home should have a humidity level of 45% with 30% being too dry and over 50% too high. In this post, we discuss what humidity levels to maintain in your home throughout the year.

How to Determine Your Home’s Humidity Levels

We all lack a sixth sense for determining a home’s humidity level. Even so, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to do so. But how can one tell how high or low a home’s humidity level is.

  • Accumulation of fog and condensate on windows and the formation of molds on walls and ceiling are indicators of high humidity.
  • The frequent occurrence of static electricity, the drying and cracking woodwork and paint, suggests that your home’s humidity is low.

Better still, you should acquire a hygrometer for accurate humidity readings. If you need to invest in a healthy home, there are advanced humidity monitoring devices available in the market. These devices measure the levels of toxic chemicals, humidity, carbon dioxide, and dust in the air.

Remedying Humidity Problems

Use the following tips to maintain the humidity level of your home at between 30% and 50%.

  • Integrate a humidifier into your HVAC system. Also, you could install individual units for specific rooms or locations.
  • Purchase a dehumidifier to control high humidity levels.
  • Install fans to boost airflow within the home especially during summers.
  • Have ceiling exhaust fans installed in your bathroom to suck out extra moisture.
  • Purchase ceiling exhaust fans to reduce heat generated by cooking activities.
  • Consider redesigning your home to include features such as aquariums and fountains to increase humidity levels. Also, you could place water pans next to fireplaces.


A home’s age, insulation, and HVAC system affect the effectiveness of the above humidity management techniques. Given that, it pays to consult with a professional agency for help in addressing the humidity issues of your home.

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