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You should not trust your heating & Air Conditioning services near you in Fredericksburg VA, to just any HVAC contractor around the Fredericksburg area; you should always go with a company backed by plenty of experience and a great reputation. And since then we’ve heard all there is to learn about heater repair & heater installation. Let us know if you need your heater repaired in Fredericksburg, or if you are interested in air conditioning replacements in Fredericksburg & surrounding areas.

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Fredericksburg HVAC Inspection & Maintenance | 25 Point Check-Up

It is very important to get a Bi yearly inspection to be performed by a skilled HVAC business. Access Heating and Air Provides Fredericksburg Heating & Cooling’s 25 points Air Conditioning, and Heat Pump and Furnace Check-Up contain:

Clean and calibrate the thermostat
Ensure proper refrigerant charge amounts
Inspect visible refrigerant lines for leaks
Visually inspect all of the insulation on refrigerant lines
Inspect and track beginning capabilities of this equipment
Ensure proper voltage and amperage draws on mill and engine
Inspect drain lines for proper drainage and leaks
Monitor atmosphere temperature for proper cooling
Monitor air temperature for appropriate heating
Lubricate all moving parts
Inspect and adjust blower and blower parts
Inspect and tighten all electrical connections

Inspect all security controls for defects
Service condensate drain pumps
Inspect electrical circuit breakers and fuses for proper size flaws
Check for any fire hazards
Visually inspect coils for dirt and defects
Inspect contactor for function and wear
Inspect heat exchanger
Inspect burners for flaws
Inspect for proper gas pressure
Inspect gas valve for proper operation
Inspect for gas leaks
Inspect and test pilot assembly, hot surface igniter, or electronic ignition controller
Inspect all visible ductwork for issues

Heating and AC repair Fredericksburg VA

Affordable and reliable HVAC repairs near you

In temperatures like ours in Fredericksburg, we understand that a properly running HVAC, heating, and air conditioning unit is essential for the comfort, health, and safety of your property. When you contact Heating & Air Conditioning you can rest assured that our experienced and friendly service technicians can help you get your system up and running quickly.

Heating & AC Installation Fredericksburg VA

The best brands and service

There is not another single system in your Fredericksburg, VA home which plays a larger role in your comfort or how much your cost your utility bill will be than your air conditioning and heating & system in Fredericksburg. We specialize in affordable high-efficiency HVAC solutions, including natural gas, oil and electric furnaces, boilers, and gas and electric heat pumps. We can design and install HVAC systems to be the most cost-effective on the market and geared to our temperature and your particular home.

Indoor Air Quality Fredericksburg VA

Breathe easier

Did you know that your house can be drier than the Hot Desert during the cold winter months ? Other than temperature, controlling indoor humidity levels can have the greatest impact on your comfort and health.



We are a family business that is dedicated to delivering high-quality workmanship and supplying top-rated heating and air solutions to our extended service area. Our NATE-certified pros do heating systems installations in Fredericksburg but prioritize solutions that protect the value of your investment, the security of your loved ones, and also the comfort of your home. Contact our expert team.

Our staff stands behind our work using components that are ten-year and compressor warranty with all new installations. We specialize in manufacturers that are such as American Standard, and Lennox York, making sure the alternative is perfect for budget, needs, and your unique lifestyle. Let our team of installation experts and AC Repair pros in Fredericksburg help you determine the best choice for your home or office situation. We provide same-day support as well as 24–hour emergency HVAC repair solutions. Let’s find a solution that addresses your HVAC issue.

Heating: Locating the ideal commercial heater for your commercial area is as simple as calling us at Access Heating & Air, in the Fredericksburg, VA, are providing commercial heating specialists, Air Conditioning & Heating repairs near you… Do we take into consideration factors like your budget and heating budgets?, Yes; but we ensure your brand new heater has a heating capacity that matches the size of your space for greatest effectiveness and efficacy. We offer several system types and brands, including heat pumps, radiant systems heating systems, and both gas and electric furnaces.

Cooling: As a leading HVAC contractor in the greater Fredericksburg, VA, area, we have been maintaining our residential and industrial customers for years, no matter how hot or cold it gets outside. Our industrial air conditioning services include the installation of central air components new heat pumps and ductless cooling options, as well as the replacement of older equipment that works. As always, our accredited Fredericksburg, VA, HVAC technicians can provide regular commercial ac maintenance as well as any AC repair.


“Hello, I want to thank Access Heating and Air for sending out To repair our air conditioning system this week. I appreciate his professionalism upon discussing concerns about the A/C And for a job well done. Keep up the good work.”


Five Star Reviews

“HVAC unit died two days ago. Contacted Access Heating & Air because they’ve serviced our units at our church for years & have a great reputation. They came within a few hours and gave a quote to repair the unit or replace the unit, which was 22 years old. They provided all the information for us to make an informed decision and didn’t try to pressure us in any way toward any one option. They completed the replacement system (inside & out) today in what seemed like record time! Very knowledgeable, VERY pleasant. The owner is honest, and unlike other companies in the area doesn’t try to take advantage of folks who aren’t heating & cooling experts. I would HIGHLY recommend this company for anyone needing repairs or a whole new system. VERY, VERY impressed with them! Even brought an under-the-house plumbing leak to our attention! :<)”

Michelle Sanchez

Five Star Reviews

“My post may be lengthy, but I want to illustrate how much this company restored my confidence in the services provided and my decision to stay with American Home Shields. I have been a member of AHS since 2010. Lately, I had lost my confidence in the AHS service provided by their contracted companies. In the beginning, I received quality service then in recent years it has degraded. A few years back, I had a problem with my system and Acess heating. And the air was sent to fix the issue these guys did a great job, and I remembered how professional and well knowledgeable the technicians were. Fast forward to 2016 my upstairs AC stop working AHS assigned United Air Temp. United Air Temp diagnosed that there was a leak in the evaporation coil in the attic. A few days later they returned and “sealed the Leak,” it was hot in the attic, so I gave the technician a cold bottle of water. Once finished, I was informed that need a coolant (R-22), which cost me a little more than $900.00 after AHS paid their portion. That was not the end of this ordeal, about a month later we noticed that there was a water bubble in our ceiling where the technician had worked on the evaporation coil, that bubble turned into a hole in our ceiling above our upstairs hallway. I went to the attic and found the water bottle that I gave to the technician it was unsealed and a little water remaining. So now we have to repair the ceiling and have it painted. Fast forward to June 2019.

My upstairs AC stop working again. I contacted AHS, and they informed me that United Air Temp was the vendor assigned to repair my AC. I contacted AHS customer service, and the representative did a great job. I told her that I do not want United Air Temp at my house, and she asked me if there is a company that I had in mind. Well, I remembered Access Heating and Air. She looked at the AHS list of HVAC companies, and they were on the list, and she assigned them to my request. Long story short Access Heating and Air replaced the evaporator coil and serviced my AC. I looked at bad the coil and bottom were rusted, from what I saw there was no way to seal it. Before this we were looking at other home warranty services, Access Heating and Air restored our confidence…..Great company, Great Job !”

James Jenkins

Five Star Reviews

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