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We would like to be certain that we educate you about the expert heating and cooling services that we provide, so it is possible to discover somewhat more about exactly what it is we do. Before you end up in need of a new furnace, particular warning signs will alert you of creating issues with your furnace. We encourage you to inspect your furnace now and to find out if it is still in working condition.

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1) Should you ever encounter any problems with your furnace, then there are a few questions you ought to ask yourself to determine whether you ought to repair your unit or consider replacing it completely.

2) How old is the furnace? Furnaces usually last anywhere from 16 to 20 years. If your furnace is older than two decades, it may be time to get a furnace replacement.

3) Are your gas and electricity bills going up? Greater gas and electricity bills might be a sign that you are either in need of fresh furnace installation or your furnace is not quite as efficient as it once was.

4) Perhaps you have had repairs done for the furnace at the past two decades? Should you discover yourself having to make repairs to your furnace for a couple of years in a row, then you may want to consider getting a brand-new furnace. As opposed to waiting for all those hard-to-find replacement parts, you and your household will be better off installing a toaster.

5) Are there some odd noises coming from your furnace ? It is not uncommon for older furnaces to begin making odd noises as they age. Odd sounds comprise squealing, popping, banging, and rattling.

6) Is the well being okay ? If you or anybody else in your house has been afflicted by flu-like symptoms, nausea or burning from the eyes or nose, then it may be an indication of a carbon monoxide leak from the aging furnace.

Fredericksburg Heating Replacement FAQ

Furnace Replacement

We rely upon a furnace to ensure our families are warm during the wintertime, and as soon as the unit fails, there is no time to waste. No heat means freezing conditions indoors, and if temperatures outdoors are freezing, each minute without heating could result in illness or frozen pipes. You’re able to stave off a winter emergency by opting for professional replacements or repairs.

Furnace repairs aren’t something homeowners can do themselves. These are complicated systems, and an experienced professional is a must. If repairs don’t detract, technicians will recommend a replacement. A replacement is a useful option when you’re paying too much for repairs each year. It’s a better investment all around. You see, a replacement furnace will provide energy efficiency, lower operating expenses, and better warming capabilities throughout the whole household. It’s a wise move.

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Gas Furnace Installation

There are various advantages to natural gas furnaces, such as increased efficiency, reduced cost, and they rarely break down. Our friendly HVAC technicians can answer any questions you have about gas furnaces, so it is possible to make the best choice for your needs. Then, our team will offer you a quote before we begin work, and that means you have an idea of the cost. Ultimately, we offer financing to make the process even easier. Therefore, if you’re considering using a gas furnace installed at your home or business, contact the team in Robert B. Payne now to set up a consultation for your brand new gas furnace installation.

Installing your furnace filter is quick and simple as Soon as You understand what to do:

1) Find the furnace filter slot — The slot is long and thin and is often easy to discover. If you don’t see it right away, start looking for any observable vents around the furnace or consult the furnace manual.

2) Determine the filter dimensions — If you have a filter in the furnace slot already, just read the amounts (such as 16″ x 25″ x 1″). If you do not have a filter, get out your measuring tape. If you can not locate the specific dimensions you took at the shop, go up to the closest inch (for instance, if you measure 241/2″, buy one that’s 25″).

3) Get the right sort of filter — There are a couple of different kinds of furnace filter — level disposable, pleated filter, and HEPA. There is also something called a MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating. Normally, the higher the amount, the particles it can catch. Receive the best filter you’ll be able to spend.

4) Install the filter — About the filter, it will have an arrow. The arrow should point toward the furnace, so since this is the way the air will be flowing from.

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Furnace Repair FAQ’s

What should I check before calling for furnace repair ?

When your furnace is on the fritz, a lot of men and women experience a level of discomfort that causes them to dismiss all else and call in the furnace repair experts. Unfortunately, many home and business owners fail to execute a check before calling in the pros. While this pre-call check will not repair the issue you are having, it might provide the technician with more information for an effective repair occupation.

To begin, check the thermostat on your building to make sure it is clearly on the heating’ setting. Believe it or not, this is. Then be sure the temperature on your thermostat is greater than the indoor temperature at the moment. If it is not, turn up the thermostat and wait a moment for the heat to kick warm and on the place.

Another significant check you should perform is to the filter. Your filter is vitally important to ensure that the heater functions as efficiently as you can. You should change the filter once.

What’s causing my ductwork to pop when the furnace begins or stops ?

You may be sitting at home or the workplace when you begin to hear a popping noise from the ductwork overhead. This can sometimes happen when your furnace falls on or ceases after heating the building thoroughly. The most common reason that popping sound happens is due to the ducts not having the ability to deal with the quantity and speed of the airflow going through them from the heating or heating system. A qualified heating technician can research your options and outline some options, which generally includes replacing the ducts and correctly installing the ventilation system on your building.

Instead, your heating technician may decide to employ a bend or a crease at the portion of the ductwork. This is known as”breaking of the ductwork” and allows the ducts to remain stiff and powerful. This increased strength allows for higher stress and prevents popping.

How do I know if my furnace is working correctly?

As a homeowner, you need to look out for the telltale signs your installed heating system is functioning as efficiently as you can. A properly working furnace will supply the whole family or company some indoor relaxation and peace. Of course, there are warning signals for if your furnace is not working how it should.

A correctly functioning furnace will not be emitting any serious noise or smells, which are typical warning signals. An overly old furnace might do the job properly, even though there’s a chance of components wearing out after years of significant use.

To ensure your furnace is working well, the biggest sign to search for is heating throughout the entire construction. No room should be left forgotten by your heating system. The temperature should be exactly the same, for the most part, throughout each room in the building.

How often should I replace my furnace filter?

Various factors play into this question. By way of example, when you have animals in the home, your furnace filter might need to be changed more frequently. If there’s a lot of dust, or someone smokes, or perhaps you simply delight in keeping the heat on frequently, the filter will need to be changed more frequently.

For the most part, a good rule of thumb is to change the furnace filter once per month. This allows for a clean slate while. A fresh furnace filter will permit the furnace to run better. As time passes, your filter will end up full of particles and dust from the atmosphere, which then traps even more particles since it builds up. Using a dirty filter, the furnace should kick into top gear and run harder, consuming more energy over time. This, in turn, will run up your electricity bill.


“I’ve had poor airflow on the 2nd story of my house for the past year or so since moving in, resulting in a frigid winter and stifling summer upstairs in the bedrooms. I had an HVAC specialist (recommended to me by my family) come out to diagnose the problem. After finding no leaks in any of the ductwork, and determining the furnace and AC were perfectly fine, the HVAC specialist thought the problem could be solved by adding a 2nd AC/Heating unit to the upstairs. Long story short, I was given a quote of $8,000 to solve the problem. I called Access Heating, and Air to request a 2nd bid on the project.

Mr. Steven West came out the same day I called, (arriving a few mins. early I might add) and quickly realized that a damper was partially closed on the main vertical outtake duct above the furnace, which was restricting the airflow…I still have the mark on my head where I hit my head with my palm. In my defense, I had already tried playing with other dampers in the ducts to troubleshoot the problem but never knew about this one since it’s well hidden behind two joists. Also, the 1st HVAC guy didn’t see this…or maybe he chose not to see it.

However, my Access Heating and Air service technician did see this, and with a simple push of a lever, he had my upstairs instantly supplied with proper airflow. My master bedroom is now very toasty! Not only did Mr. West not charge me for the service call, but saved me spending $8,000 on something I don’t need !!!

Mr. West was very professional, and I would recommend Access Heating and Air to anyone simply based on the integrity and service provided to me.

Our furnace was diagnosed with a weak flame sensor that was replaced, and a “hidden” damper was opened, to allow airflow to another level of our home for better heating comfort! Steve was very knowledgeable, professional, and a great communicator.”

Colin Meyer

Five Star Reviews

“Wow. I have a rental unit and had them come in for routine service – the guy did the job and didn’t attempt to embellish and sell me anything. He cleaned the coils up and the drain line (which was stopped up), checked the charge (which was fine) with that attitude the next time I need a repair or new unit, there’s no reason to call anyone else.”

Lake Anne Raleigh

Five Star Reviews

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