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You should not trust your heating services to any HVAC business in the Fredericksburg area; you should always go with a company backed by plenty of experience and a great reputation. And since then we’ve heard all there is to learn about heater repair and heater installation. Let us know if you need a heater, or if you are interested in tips about maintaining your heater in tiptop shape.

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Heating Maintenance, & Repair, Replacement

The expert technicians. Are you knowledgeable about a huge array of heating services and heating products? It matters not if you have a residential heating system or a commercial unit; we specialize in either. Services we provide include:

1) Seasonal tune-ups
2) Heater replacement
3) Furnace replacement
4) Furnace repair
5) Heater fix
6) Heater setup
7) Heating system layout

Not only do we offer many services, but we also cater to several different kinds of heating components, such as:

1) Heating pumps
2) Warm air furnaces
3) Boilers
4) Geothermal water furnaces
5) Radiant floor heating
6) Gas furnaces
7) Unit heaters

Let Us Help You to Find Your Next Quality Heater

We understand how confusing and time consuming it can be to restrict your choices regarding a home comfort system. If you need one for your home or company, we’d be more than happy to make a personalized recommendation for you based on your particular requirements as well as your budget. We can even help you out even if you do not need professional heater repair or heater installation. Routine maintenance plays a huge role in making certain that your unit is in working order and may go a long way in helping you to avoid emergency repairs later on, and we all know how expensive and inconvenient those sudden repairs could be. Offer your heater a checkup when it’s still in working order and until the winter rolls in, when you need your heater most.


How do I select a brand new heating system for my home ?

Deciding on a new heating system for your house can be a huge decision. There are numerous factors which will play a role in the choice you make, for example, cost of installation, the cost of operation, how energy efficient the potential system could be, and just how nicely it heats the whole home. On top of all of this, the climate zone in which you live will play a huge part. If it comes to selecting the heating system, you should bring in an HVAC expert who will fully analyze all of the factors, including the size of your house, just how well the insulation functions in your house, the leaks in the ductwork, and the temperature that you keep the construction at during winter. Once this inspection was completed, the tech can provide a few suggestions and a little bit of advice to generate the decision-making process somewhat easier in the long run.

What types of heating systems can be used on commercial properties ?

If it comes to heating a commercial property, the same heating system that works in a household might not perform as efficiently in the business district. This is very common. Many businesses tend to decide on constant air volume systems, which use one duct air system using a constant flow of air throughout the entire construction. The air temperature will vary based upon the thermostat. Another popular option is variable air volume, which also uses one duct system using varying airflow. The temperature indoors is based on the outside temperature.

The decision as to which you use for your commercial system will come down to your requirements at the time. Our HVAC technicians may offer some insight into the choice. Upon completing an inspection of the whole construction, we can offer our expert opinion to make a choice a bit easier for you.

Ready to request your air conditioning installation or repair service ? Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help ! Call for Service: (540) 710-5754

How significant is it to find the ideal size of heating equipment ?

To decrease the energy costs inside your house, you need a system that’s been installed correctly by professionals and has been sized correctly for your home and your needs. Sizing is vitally important to ensuring that the heating equipment will run correctly, break down less, need less maintenance, and use less energy — effectively lowering your monthly bill.

An HVAC system is present to offer you comfort. By dismissing the proper sizing requirements, you effectively remove the entire purpose of the unit. It is now a hunk of metal pushing warmth into the incorrect parts of your house at incorrect temperatures. No one wants to waste their yearly invoice on a device that doesn’t operate efficiently.

By installing the incorrect size, you’ll also end up spending extra money. By installing a larger size, the cost of installation increases exponentially, as do the upkeep and operation expenses. A perfect system will be available at a reasonable price.

How would be the sizing capacities of heating systems quantified ?

If it is time to select a new heating system for your house, picking one that’s the correct size for your needs will play a major role in receiving the very best in comfort, efficiency, cost, and maintenance. According to national surveys, over half of HVAC contractors fail to correctly size the heating system they set up. This is the most frequent mistake a builder may make, and also makes the entire system more expensive and less efficient.

To size the machine properly, you need to factor in the local climate, the dimensions, and shape of the full house, the insulation of the house, the window and door placements, air filtration, the occupant’s comfort tastes, and even the type of house appliances that give off heat. Homeowners should insist that all heating contractors or businesses use the proper sizing calculations before they sign a contract.


“Hello I want to thank Access Heating and Air for sending out To repair our air conditioning system this week. I appreciate his professionalism upon discussing concerns about the A/C And for a job well done. Keep up the Good work.”


Five Star Reviews

“HVAC unit died two days ago. Contacted Access Heating & Air because they’ve serviced our units at our church for years & have a great reputation. They came within a few hours and gave a quote to repair the unit or replace the unit, which was 22 years old. They provided all the information for us to make an informed decision and didn’t try to pressure us in any way toward any one option. They completed the replacement system (inside & out) today in what seemed like record time ! Very knowledgeable, VERY pleasant. Owner is honest, and unlike other companies in the area doesn’t try to take advantage of folks who aren’t heating & cooling experts. I would HIGHLY recommend this company for anyone needing repairs or a whole new system. VERY, VERY impressed with them! Even brought an under-the-house plumbing leak to our attention! :<)”

Michelle Sanchez

Five Star Reviews

“My post maybe lengthy but I want to illustrate how much this company restored my confidence in services provided and my decision to stay with American Home Shields. I have been a member of AHS since 2010. Lately, I had lost my confidence in AHS service provided by their contracted companies. In the beginning, I received quality service then in recent years it has degraded. A few years back, I had a problem with my system and Acess heating. And the air was sent to fix the issue these guys did a great job, and I remembered how professional and well knowledge the technicians were. Fast forward to 2016 my upstairs AC stop working AHS assigned United Air Temp. United Air Temp diagnosed that there was a leak in the evaporation coil in the attic. A few days later they returned and “sealed the Leak,” it was hot in the attic, so I gave the technician cold bottle water. Once finished, I was informed that need coolant (R-22), which cost me a little more than $900.00 after AHS paid there portion. That was not the end of this ordeal, about a month later we noticed that there was a water bubble in our ceiling where the technician had worked on the evaporation coil, that bubble turned into a hole in our ceiling above our upstairs hallway. I went to the attic and found the water bottle that I gave to the technician it was unsealed and a little water remaining. So now we ha to repair the ceiling and have it painted. Fast forward to June 2019.

My upstairs AC stop working again. I contacted AHS, and they informed me that United Air Temp was the vendor assigned to repair my AC. I contacted AHS customer service, and the representative did a great job. I told her that I do not want United Air Temp at my house, and she asked me if there is a company that I had in mind. Well, I remembered Access Heating and Air. She looked on the AHS list of HVAC companies, and they were on the list, and she assigned them to my request. Long story short Access Heating and Air replaced the evaporator coil and serviced my AC. I looked at bad the coil and bottom were rusted, from what I saw there was no way to seal it. Before this we were looking at other home warranty services, Access Heating and Air restored our confidence…..Great company, Great Job !”

James Jenkins

Five Star Reviews

Ready to request your air conditioning installation or repair service ? Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help ! Call for Service: (540) 710-5754