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How Often Should You Get Your Furnace Inspected ?

When the winter months arrive, it is not unusual for people to want to turn on their furnace. It is a great way to generate a rapid amount of heat at a low cost and will keep everyone warm. However, it is important for people to inspect their furnace. A furnace can generate a significant amount of smoke and carbon monoxide that can make people sick if it isn’t functioning properly. While the furnace should absolutely be inspected, many people wonder how often it should be checked ?

Inspect the Furnace Annually

The most straightforward rule of thumb is that the furnace should be inspected at least once per year. Similar to other HVAC appliances and machines in the house, the furnace is still a device that requires preventative maintenance. This will help ensure that the furnace is running safely and efficiently for years to come. Inspecting the furnace once per year is a good idea because it could help to catch problems before they spiral out of control and become more expensive or even dangerous.

Inspect the Furnace Before the First Use of the Winter

The furnace should be inspected annually and preferably before the first use of the year. When the temperature starts to drop outside, this is a good sign that the furnace should be inspected. Inspecting the furnace after the winter months is not as effective because the furnace then has the entire summer and fall to generate a new problem that wouldn’t be noticed until it is turned on again during the winter. Therefore, inspect the furnace before its first use of the winter. This will ensure that it is safe for the cold months where it is used the most.

It is important to get the furnace inspected on a regular basis to ensure it is safe to use, contact the skilled team at Access Heating and Air if you’re looking for a knowledgeable furnace repair contractor.

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  • Dean Phillips I thought it was great how you mentioned that checking your furnace once per year is a good idea because it could help you catch potential problems before they become too expensive or dangerous to fix. My brother recently moved into a new house that he plans on renovating and selling for a profit. It may be a smart idea for him to hire a contractor to inspect and service his furnace to ensure that it is safe to run. Reply

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