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We take pride in knowing that each job was completed to the satisfaction of our customers, and we're thrilled to have received such exceptional testimonials from them.

"Access fixed my outdoor heat pump after it died. Fast response! The guy found the problem quickly and took his time and explained my options to me so that I understood exactly what each option meant. They did a superb job! They did exactly what they said they were going to do. I would recommend them to anyone." Linda H.*

"Access is very professional with a great personality. Very knowledgeable in the trade and saved me a lot of money! Other companies tried to charge me 4X the price that Access Heating and Air did. I Would highly recommend them and I will continue to use them in the future. Also, I was able to reach them very easily.  They also guaranteed their work!" Robert S.*

"Access Heating and Air, LLC is the best place in town for customer service. We were very happy with the results." Mike T.*

"Steven is a professional, knowledgeable and personable guy who arrived on schedule. We are thankful for their 24 hour turnaround from the time I called to get someone to come look at our unit. He assessed our heating unit and found that it was a bad thermostat. We now have a working system. We will definitely call on him again when needed." Gail T.*

"When the weather turned cold our furnace wouldn't let the gas flow, Steven could have called a part bad and charged us over $500 dollars to fix it and I wouldn't have known any better. Instead he was honest and simply removed a blockage preventing a safety switch from opening the valve to let the gas flow. Steven only charged us for the service call and cleaning out the blockage saving us several hundred dollars. He's a small business owner and knows that integrity and excellent customer service will make return customers. I know who I'm calling if we need more help with our heat and a/c." Jared P.*

"So pleased with Access Heating and Air. Lisa in the office is so great and really out to help the customer. And Steve the tech is so great, honest, efficient and all around good guy. They did an entire replace for our outdoor unit so quickly and we had another issue due to previous company and they came out and fixed at no charge and considered it a recall visit. They are so honest and we are so pleased to find a company who truly are dedicated to help their customer and not charge them unnecessarily. Thank you Access Heating and Air and Lisa and Steve!!" Kimberly N.*

"My husband and I are extremely pleased with Access Heating & Air. We have been loyal customers for several years. They are fair, honest, expedient, & efficient. We recently needed service after hours and Steve came out, diagnosed the problem, and fixed the unit quickly. Steve, also, replaced the motor recently. He educated us on the different options so that we could make an informed choice. He was patient and answered all of our questions.

Calling and scheduling repairs was quick and easy. Lisa is polite and expedient as well. It's comforting to know that there are still honest companies/people out there. You can never put a price in that.

We recommend this company hands down!"
Christa R.*

"I am very happy with the service Access Heating and Air LLC provided to me today. I have an indoor coil leak. The service person is able to quickly detect the leak and also inform me that the coil is still under warranty. He actually called York shop to find the warranty information. The price he provided on the labor cost is also slightly lower than the quote from another company. The cost he charged me on re-fill the refrigerant is very reasonable." James T.*

"Our home warranty company referred our AC woes to Access Heating & Air, and sometimes those home warranty contractors can be sketchy and not so honest or reliable. Not so with this company! Over the last several weeks, they've come out several times to try to figure out why we can't seem to get AC via our main unit. We appreciate their politeness and knowledge and they keep trying to fix it until it's right. Steve takes the time to explain to me what he's doing and what's happening and what the fix might be. We are so very hopeful that this latest trip will have fixed the problem for good with our temperamental unit (and hopefully save us from cutting open the drywall!). I appreciate that they are trying all other avenues before ripping open my walls. Maybe it's fixed, maybe it isn't, but it doesn't affect my review. Even though we didn't seek out Access Heating & Air, I would recommend them! Local, honest companies are just such a pleasure to work with. Thanks, y'all!" Angela F.*

"I am blown away (pun intended) with the services of Access Heating and Air. I had an entire new HVAC system installed as well as a water heater. From start to finish they were extremely professional and courteous. They are a very honest and straight forward company who looks out for the best interest of the customer. I highly recommend Access to everyone. You will not be disappointed." Cody B.*

"Steve West came out to our business, quickly diagnosed the problem ordered the part and our Air Conditioning was repaired quick as you could say " Virginia Humidity". Thank you Steve and Access Heating and Air for a job well done. In the cool again." Fred E.*

"I've been using Access Heating and Air for 3 + years now. They provide service for my business and my home. This is by far one of the most honest and reliable company that I have ever dealt with for my heating and A.C. units. Whenever I have a problem, they are quick to respond and they make sure to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. I highly recommend this company!” Haja W.*

"Wow. I have a rental unit and had them come in for routine service - the guy did the job and didn't attempt to embellish and/or sell me anything. He cleaned the coils up and the drain line (which was stopped up), checked the charge (which was fine). With that attitude the next time I need a repair or new unit there's no reason to call anyone else." Lake Anne R.*

"I've had poor airflow on the 2nd story of my house for the past year or so since moving in, resulting in a frigid winter and stifling summer upstairs in the bedrooms. I had a HVAC specialist (recommended to me by my family) come out to diagnose the problem. After finding no leaks in any of the duct work, and determining the furnace and AC were perfectly fine, the HVAC specialist thought the problem could be solved by adding a 2nd AC/Heating unit to the upstairs. Long story short, I was given a quote of $8,000 in order to solve the problem. I called Access Heating, and Air to request a 2nd bid on the project.

Mr. Steven West came out the same day I called, (arriving a few min. early I might add) and quickly realized that a damper was partially closed on the main vertical outtake duct above the furnace, which was obviously restricting the airflow.... I still have the mark on my head where I hit my head with my palm. In my defense, I had already tried playing with other dampers in the ducts to trouble shoot the problem, but never knew about this one since it's really, really well hidden behind 2 joists. Also, the 1st HVAC guy didn't see this...or maybe he chose not to see it.

However, my Access Heating and Air service technician did see this, and with a simple push of a lever, he had my upstairs instantly supplied with proper airflow. My master bedroom is now very toasty! Not only did Mr. West not charge me for the service call, but saved me spending $8,000 on something I don't need!!!

Mr. West was very professional and I would recommend Access Heating and Air to anyone simply based on the integrity and service provided to me."
Colin M.*

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