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Should I Keep My AC On Or Off When I Am Away On Vacation ?

Everyone wants to come home to a house that is cool and comfortable in the summer months but it can be costly to leave your air conditioning unit running all the time. It’s also not good for the unit which can be costly as well. A thermostat that is programmable may be the best solution for you home. They are not only affordable but they allow you to control the temperature of your home on your schedule. It can be set not to run so much during the day but to run a little more when evening rolls around and you’re getting ready to return home.

There are some simple things that you can do to help keep your home cooler without having to work your air conditioning unit so hard. You may consider closing the drapes and blinds to keep out the hot summer sun and heat. Keep your system serviced on a regular basis so that it is always able to perform at its peak. Regular service calls will help your unit to run more efficiently also and this can be a big money save on your monthly utility bill.

Change the filters on the unit regularly. Dirt and dust can build up causing the unit to be stressed and that will cause it to run more and cost you money. Making sure that your home is weather tight can also be a great solution to help keep your home cooler. Doors and windows that leak air can cause a unit to work overtime.

If you choose to leave your unit on while you’re away from home you will want to make certain that it runs properly. If you choose to turn it off then you may feel that the unit has to work harder when you do get home and turn it on in order to quickly cool your home. A well-maintained unit will provide the best outcome.

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