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The Dangers of Running a Malfunctioning Furnace

When the cold weather hits, we all want to fire up our heating systems to make sure that we’re all warm and toasty in our homes. However, if you haven’t gotten your heating system serviced this year, you might crank up your thermostat and discover that your furnace doesn’t seem to be working properly. Maybe it’s making a weird noise, blowing irregularly, or shutting off intermittently with no explanation. You might be tempted to ignore the problem, but beware: doing so could put your entire household at risk.


A malfunctioning furnace could be a major fire hazard, with obstructions in the system ready to light up and burn your whole house down. Heating system fires are responsible for hundreds of deaths every year, and a malfunctioning furnace could be a devastating fire waiting to happen if you don’t contact a furnace repair expert to get it taken care of.

Carbon Monoxide

Improperly burned home heating fuel can cause a buildup of carbon monoxide in your home. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that can be extremely dangerous even in small amounts. The symptoms of carbon monoxide can be incredibly difficult to diagnose, and prolonged exposure can cause long-term mental damage, serious health damage, and even death.

Air Pollution

A dirty heating system can be blowing all kinds of allergens and pollutants into your home, causing your air quality to deteriorate rapidly and exposing you and your family to high concentrations of dangerous chemicals. This can cause serious damage to your family’s respiratory systems, especially in young children.

At Access Heating and Air, LLC, we know how important your family’s safety is to you. With over 25 years of experience, we have the knowledge and the tools necessary to get your heating system in working order. Contact us today for a free consultation and $25 off any service repair !

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  • Adrian Jones It's great you mentioned that getting a furnace cleaned out is important, as well as checking if there's something stuck inside the unit which might be causing it to malfunction. One of the things to watch out for is the various allergens and pollutants that the furnace might be blowing around the house which exposes everyone inside to various things that can make them all sick. No wonder I've been having allergic breakouts these past few days... it's time to call for the furnace repairman to check out the ducts and see if there's something stuck in them that's setting off my allergies. Reply

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