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When Should I Replace My AC Unit ?

Wondering if that life saving, relief-giving, summertime-blessing, also known as the air conditioner needs replaced, repaired, or needs maintenance? The bottom line is, (and as anyone who waited too long will tell you), realizing that something is wrong on that 95 degree day is just too late. The potential for having to wait extended periods of time to get serviced or for the not unheard of AC unit shortage due to demand is real, and while waiting your residence continues to do its very best sauna impression. Those wait times and shortages are indicative that you probably aren’t the only procrastinator in the world, in fact you likely have lots of company. So, would you rather join the suffering masses, or stay ahead of the curve – and stay cool. These are a couple of steps to hopefully keep you comfortable this summer and every air conditioned summer.

How Old is the Unit

This really is the most important question and a leading culprit behind the need for repair, maintenance or replacement. Various sources, from Energy Star to HVAC technicians generally suggest replacement of a unit before it gets to be 15 years old. Are energy bills rising or is the unit just not producing the environment it once did? These are just some flags, and there are many. That is why the next step is the insurance desired to keep your home cozy cool.

Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance

For starters – don’t consider yourself an expert here. Actually having a unit inspected once a year is strongly encouraged. Freon (R-22) levels, leaks, electrical components and other aspects of air conditioning units require attention, and there are pro’s who do it for a living. When it comes to maintenance for the AC unit, the rule of thumb is always to do it more than you think you need to.

Stay ahead of the heat, stay cool all summer every summer – and take care of the AC that takes care of you !

If your AC unit needs any repair or maintenance, contact the experts at Access Heating and Air today. From furnace repair to AC repair, we’ve got you covered !

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