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When Should I Replace My Furnace ?

When it’s time to replace a furnace, it has to be done. A contractor is going to do the bulk of the work, but there are a few things you need in order to make the job go smoothly and efficiently. Most of what you’re going to need is knowledge. The more you know, the easier the job will be for your contractor and the better you’ll understand what he’s doing and what he’s billing for. It makes sense to be prepared ahead of time and understand some key aspects of your furnace before needing a replacement.

1) Square Footage: Whether the contractor measures your house or you provide the information, the key to an efficient furnace is for its design to match the amount of space it is intended to heat.

2) Specifications from the Old Heater: Information from the old furnace can be useful to a contractor as it may explain your description of what you liked and didn’t like about it. Your description along with the old information may help the contractor make a recommendation for the replacement.

3) Knowledge of Your House: Being able to describe hot and cold spots or rooms along with where drafts may exist can further help your contractor with the new system. There may be a very simple fix so you don’t have to feel a burst of cold air when a particular closet is opened, or step out of the shower into a freezing bathroom.

4) Options: The most important piece of information you need is to know what your options are. You may be able to replace the old furnace with a discounted new one, or you may want to switch to a heat pump.

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