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Why Annual AC Maintenance is Important

Most Americans rely on their air conditioning unit from late May until late September. In some states, residents rely on their air conditioning units even longer. With this much use, individuals must regularly maintain their AC for various reasons.

1. Price to Replace or Repair

Routine maintenance on an AC helps to keep the unit working without the need to repair parts. The parts for the unit and the cost of repair oftentimes cost more to fix than to replace. Maintaining the device helps to keep it running without the need to repair, at least not as frequently. This benefits the resident since the average cost of a window unit ranges from under $100 to over $750 while the average cost of a central air conditioner is between $800 and over $2,000.

2. Lasts Longer

By regularly servicing an air conditioning unit, either a central air conditioning or a window one, the appliance will last longer. This is especially the case when a person regularly cleans or changes the internal components such as the filter. All the dust and other airborne particles build up inside and cause the unit to prematurely fail. However, when a person regularly maintains and cleans the unit, the parts continue to run as desired with little to no problem.

3. Runs More Efficiently and Effectively

Maintaining the device doesn’t just save a person on the cost of repairs or replacement. And it also saves the person on his or her electric bills. Not to mention, for those who are eco-friendly, servicing the unit reduces the negative environmental impact the AC has. The AC will also run more effectively. Ultimately, this means a more comfortable temperature in your home, and it requires less energy to obtain and maintain the desired comfort level in the home.

If your AC needs a tune-up, then contact the experts at Access Heating and Air today. From fixing a malfunctioning furnace to ensuring your AC unit is operating at peak performance, we can help. Give us a call !

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