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Why is Correct and Timely Furnace Maintenance Important?

A lot of us would rather not think about it, but annual maintenance is important for a number of reasons. Performing annual inspections and maintenance not only diagnoses and repairs existing problems, but it helps find and prevent problems from occurring in the future. Annual furnace maintenance should take place in the fall, however, the best time depends on your climate and may well vary from year to year.

So, why is it important?

Combustion-type furnaces can leak carbon monoxide into your home. This odorless, invisible gas can sicken people quickly. Any home with a combustion furnace (oil, propane, or wood) should have carbon monoxide detectors on each floor. During annual maintenance, the HVAC professional will check CO levels around the furnace and check the heat exchanger for cracks, which can release CO into your home. They will also check the burner and pilot/igniter – problems with these can also leak gas into your home and possibly cause a fire or even an explosion.

A properly maintained furnace uses less fuel and lasts longer. An HVAC professional will oil motors so they run more smoothly, check and replace the filters, and make sure your thermostat is set accurately. All of these make your furnace run more efficiently and use less energy. With proper maintenance, it can reduce your costs on your electricity bill, since 46% of the average family electricity bill is towards heating and cooling.

Annual maintenance also reduces the chance of your furnace breaking down. By checking it in the fall, you can do necessary repairs then – rather than when it’s in the middle of the brutal Fredericksburg winter months.

Regular annual checks of your furnace are vital for your health, finances, and safety. If you are looking for a furnace repair contractor or any heating services, contact Access Heating & Air LLC today.

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  • Gillian Babcock My dad wants to make sure that the furnace at home is in good shape because he noticed that there are cracks in it. According to this, it's important to have a properly maintained furnace uses less fuel and lasts longer. Moreover, it's recommended to hire professional plumbers for quality furnace maintenance. Reply
  • Gillian Babcock My sister wants to make sure that her furnace is clean because it was frequently used last winter. It was explained here that annual furnace maintenance is important because it reduces the chances of it to break down. Moreover, it's recommended to hire professional HVAC contractors for quality furnace cleaning. Reply
  • Angela Waterford It's true that annual maintenance is important for furnaces. I believe that mine needs to be repaired because it might leak carbon monoxide into my home. Since well-maintained furnaces take up less fuel as well, I will consider hiring an HVAC contractor soon so I can make sure that my house is safe to live in. Reply
  • Silas Knight I can see why furnace care is important. It's great to think that getting our system properly maintained will help it last longer. We'll have to hire a pro to come out and take a look at ours this year before winter hits again. Reply
  • Hazel Owens That's good to know that 46% of your electricity bill is from your heating and cooling which is why you should have maintenance on your furnace. This is helpful since I've noticed my electricity bill going up lately and I've been trying to figure out how to lower it. I'll have to find a furnace repair service that can come look at it to see if there's something that needs to be fixed to help it run better and lower my bills. Reply
  • Sandra Patterson Wow, I had no idea that combustion type furnaces could leak carbon monoxide into your home! I can't imagine what would happen if there was a large carbon monoxide leak in my home that could endanger my family. I will be sure to have my furnace serviced soon since I don't think anyone has ever come and serviced it before. Reply
  • Thomas Westgren I like how you said that a properly maintained furnace will use less fuel and will last for much longer. My wife and I are trying to think of ways to save money and hiring a good furnace repair service to take care of our property. That way we can save some money and keep our house warm as well! Reply
  • Ashley Johnson I liked that you explained that combustion furnaces can leak carbon monoxide and that a professional HVAC technician will be able to check CO levels in your home. The safety of my family is of the utmost priority. I will definitely contact a professional to ensure that our home is safe and that there is no CO that could harm my children. Reply
  • Gillian Babcock My brother wants to make sure that their home is warm all year round and have the heater checked for safety too. It was explained here that carbon monoxide can leak inside the house and make his family sick. Moreover, it's recommended to hire professional HVAC contractors for quality heating services. Reply
  • Derek McDoogle I like how you said that combustion type furnaces can leak carbon monoxide into your home. As far as I know, people can get very sick due to this invisible gas. Thanks for the tip about having carbon monoxide detectors on each floor to any house with a combustion furnace. Reply
  • Thomas Jameson It's good to know that an HVAC professional will be able to check the CO levels that your system gives off to make sure that it isn't creating a health hazard. My brother has been noticing a strange smell in his house, and he thinks it might be CO gas. I'll pass this information along to him so that he can look further into his options for having a professional come to look at his HVAC system. Reply
  • Tim The reason why people need maintenance is to keep their HVAC system efficient and it will lead them to save money. Also, to have healthy air at home. Reply
  • Thomas Peterson I thought it was nice that you mentioned that a properly maintained furnace will use energy more efficiently and that can help it to last longer. I have been wanting to make sure that I can save as much money as possible on the heating costs this winter. Maybe I'll have to get in touch with a residential heating professional and make sure my system has everything it needs. Reply
  • Mia Stewart Thank you for explaining the benefits of furnace maintenance. We are needing our furnace to be repaired. We will look into having someone come and work on our furnace. Reply
  • Faylinn Byrne I never considered furnaces could leak carbon monoxide. I have never had my furnace checked, and it suddenly stopped working the other day. I will hire someone to come repair it with these maintenance tips in mind. Reply
  • Angela Waterford Wow, I didn't know that a furnace can leak carbon monoxide into my home, and I believe that it's unsafe. I think I'll hire someone to maintain my heating system so that this doesn't happen. This way, I won't be able to make any mistakes in attempting to tune up the system by myself as well. Reply
  • Derek McDoogle My neighbor told me last night that he could not sleep since it was very cold and that his heating system was not working as it should. I like how you mentioned that annual maintenance for your heating system helps find and prevent problems from occurring in the future. I'm sure he will be happy to read this article so he is aware of the importance of servicing his furnace. Reply
  • Derek McDoogle I did not know the fact that combustion type furnaces can leak carbon monoxide into your home. My parents have a furnace that has not been turned on in a while but my dad insists to turn it on now. I will suggest to them to contact a professional to make sure that it works properly and since it might need either to be serviced or replaced. Reply
  • Eileen Benson I'm grateful you mentioned that homes with combustion furnaces should have CO monitors on each floor for safety. We'll be moving to a home with a combustion furnace next month and are currently trying to find a service to provide heating oil. Thanks for sharing this article and teaching me this important info about using an oil furnace safely. Reply
  • Taylor Bishop I wanted to thank you for writing about furnace maintenance. I'm glad you mentioned that maintaining it could actually help it last longer. This seems very helpful especially if you just got a new furnace and want to make sure it can last for as long as possible. Reply

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