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Why Is It Important to Humidify Your Home in the Winter ?

Dry air inside of your home can create a wide variety of issues. This list of issues includes easily spreadable viruses, dry skin, and even damage to your home. Cold air contains less moisture. Turning on your heat will help the air retain some of this moisture. Here are some of the warning signs and side effects of being exposed to indoor air that is too dry:

Dry air feels colder than un-humidified air, which makes you feel as though you need to turn up your thermostat. This results in higher heating bills during the winter months. If the air in your home is too dry, it will irritate your nasal passages and skin, cause sore throats and dehydration, and weaken your immune system. This puts you and your family members at a high risk for developing illness or infection.

The majority of viruses, which includes the flu, thrive in dry air. The germs multiply faster and remain airborne for longer periods of time. The situation becomes worse when occupants are constantly in close proximity to each other.

Dry air sucks moisture out of other porous materials around it. These materials can range from your home’s wood floors to pictures you have hanging on the wall. The end result is bowing, warping, peeling, chipping, and cracking of the items you love most.

An effective and simple solution to alleviating the effects of dry air is to invest in a residential, or whole home, humidifier. To learn more about solutions for keeping your home safe comfortable during the winter months, look to the experts at Access Heating and Air. We strive to be our clients’ number one choice for all of their furnace repair and furnace maintenance solutions. No matter what your needs are, we’re prepared to help, so contact us today to request a free consultation !

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