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Why Is It So Important to Regularly Change Your Furnace Air Filter ?

Changing your air filter regularly is the single best thing that you can do to extend the life of your furnace. All of the heated air that flows from your furnace into your home must pass through your air filter. Dirty filters restrict air flow and not only make it more difficult for the furnace to do its job, but also increases the likelihood that you’ll have to make a call to a furnace repair contractor. At Access Heating and Air, LLC, we would like to share the top 3 reasons to change your furnace air filter regularly.

Ensure Proper Air Flow

The heat that comes out of your furnace gets sent out into the ducts through a blower motor. If the air flow is impeded by dirt and dust, the blower will pull air from tiny leaks or cracks in the air handler of ductwork, causing your home’s air quality to greatly decline.

Improve Overall Performance

Dirty filters can allow for debris to build up inside the components of the furnace. When this occurs, the furnace’s performance is weakened and energy use is increased. According to the EPA a clean air filter can lower your utility bills by up to 15%.

Optimize Air Quality

Have you ever dusted the tables or furniture in a room and walk by only a couple of days later to discover that dust has already settled back onto the surfaces that shined just a little while ago? This is indicative of either a furnace clogged with dirt and debris, or clogged ductwork. When your furnace is not running optimally due to a dirty air filter, the same dust that settles on furniture is also the same air that you breathe.

By changing your air filter regularly, you can ensure proper air flow and improve air quality while helping your furnace perform optimally. At Access Heating and Air LLC, we urge homeowners to change the air filter on their furnace as recommended by the manufacturer to improve furnace function and to improve the quality of air in their homes. If your furnace has been neglected, or if it’s time for an annual tune-up, contact us today !

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