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Why Routine AC Maintenance Is Necessary

Many home owners ask whether an annual A/C checkup is necessary. The answer to their question is absolutely yes. Purchasing an air conditioning unit is an investment and you want to protect your investment just as you would your car. You have probably also asked how can a home addition increase my homes value ? The truth is an air conditioning unit that is well maintained can increase your home value.

Below are some of the benefits of having you’re a/c unit routinely checked.

Early detection of issues

Just like going for health screening, some problems with your unit if detected early can be fixed preventing the worsening of the problem. It might also be cheaper to have the issue fixed early rather than waiting till the problem worsens.

Extend its life

Getting an A/C unit serviced and cleaned on a regular basis can keep it running efficiently for a longer time. Hence, you do not have to replace the unit.


The amount you have to pay for maintenance is very little compared to how much it would cost to keep repairing the system once it fails. A fact is that about 80% of expensive repairs are preventable if the system is maintained regularly. You also save on energy bills because the system will be running more efficiently and will require less energy.

Improved air quality

Part of routine maintenance is inspecting cleaning and adjusting different components of the system. This allows for improved air quality to flow into your home.

Now that you know what you stand to gain by scheduling regular system maintenance, ensure that you hire a licensed expert at Access Heating and Air today !

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  • Bethel Smith It sounds like an annual checkup for your AC can end up saving you a lot of money. We will be sure to find a service near us to come to check out ours. I would love to get any small parts replaced in our unit before it leads to more significant damages and repairs. Reply

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