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Will Faulty AC Unit Raise My Utility Bills ?

Each month, a considerable amount of your utility bill constitutes the usage of an air conditioning unit. Often at times, if you get a utility bill that is higher than usual, you may be tempted to turn off your AC when leaving the house and only turn it on when need be. But does this really raise or lower your utility bills ?

The main cause of fluctuating utility bills is the loss in efficiency of your Air conditioner brought about by defects in the AC system. The most common faults in your AC unit which could raise your utility bills include:

Dirty Air Filters

Air filters need to be replaced frequently because of the debris brought about after a lot of air filtration. This dirt can restrict airflow in the air duct which will give your AC more time to cool down your home. An increase in the runtime of your AC will definitely lead to high electric bills.

Leaks in the Ducts

The function of the duct is to distribute air throughout your home. It plays a vital role in ensuring the effectiveness of your AC system. Duct leaks lessen the ability of the system to distribute air and discharge your thermostat, failure to which will cause the thermostat to run longer and harder while accomplishing fewer results, hence generating high electric bills.

Failing Parts and Low Refrigerant

In case some parts of your AC like capacitors, motors, and compressors are failing, or there’s low refrigerant which is limiting the AC to efficiently eject heat and adjust the temperature, the production results of your unit will be reduced because of the inefficiencies in the system resulting in high electric bills.

Failure of Maintenance

It is important to have an HVAC expert to come and check your home air conditioning unit frequently to prevent potential breakdowns. Maintenance also helps to establish the condition and operation of your AC unit to identify and rectify any faults thus preventing high electric bills.

Whenever you notice any abnormal increase in your utility bills, ensure to get in touch with an HVAC expert at Access Heating and Air to assist you to fix the problem.

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