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Commercial HVAC Repair Service Fredericksburg


Access Heating & Air Provides Commercial HVAC Repairs, Installation & Maintenance Services for Businesses - Fredericksburg - Stafford - Spotsylvania VA

Access Heating & Air techniques are specially trained for commercial heating and air conditioning needs, including rooftop HVAC systems. Specializing in commercial HVAC installations, we work with existing businesses and general contractors looking for commercial HVAC installation services.


We provide resources for affordable financing for your commercial HVAC products and services. You can trust the Access Heating & Air team for all your commercial heating, AC, water heater, and air quality needs.

Our Commercial HVAC - Air Conditioning & Heating System Repair & Installation Services

Commercial Heating System Installation Services

We are Trane® technicians, committed to customer satisfaction as well as expert installation and servicing.

Commercial Heating Repair

We service and repair all brands of commercial heating systems. Contact us 24/7 for any emergency commercial heating or AC repair.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance 

Regular professional maintenance of your commercial HVAC system will help keep it operating efficiently and effectively for years, saving you thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs and replacement costs. Ask us about other benefits for customers with annual commercial maintenance plans.

Commercial HVAC Repair Service Fredericksburg
Our Commercial HVAC Maintenance Plan Benefits
  • Lower Utility Bills

  • Extended Equipment Life

  • Fewer Repairs, Breakdowns, & Improved System Reliability

  • Improved Heating Ability

  • Priority Service Scheduling

Our Comprehensive Commercial HVAC Maintenance Plans Add Years to the Life of Your Commercial HVAC System 

Our Commercial HVAC System TuneUp Technicians:


Thoroughly brush & vacuum clean the heat exchanger(s) & gas chambers Inspect heat-exchanger(s) & gas chambers for cracks, rusting, or difficult areas. Vacuum outside blower compartment, reunite airdrop, and also the surrounding region. (No duct cleaning)

  • Inspect & tighten all electrical connections & Upgrades

  • Remove, clean, & fix the most important petrol burners

  • Remove, clean, & fix ignition/pilot assembly

Inspect the flue assembly and examine the flue gas metering mechanism

  • Test & scrutinize all furnace security controls

  • Evaluation, document, & fix gas pressure

  • Replace or clean normal air filters if the consumer provides

  • Inspect blower engine, drive mechanics & fan meeting

  • Lubricate all fan motors and all moving components

  • Measure and correct blower to get proper airflow

  • Fix all dampers and place appropriate blower rate

  • Clean, flat, evaluate, & calibrate the thermostat

  • Measure & record heating system output

Inspect & test thermocouple output in addition to a pilot security switch Measure & record electric voltage, amperage, and part immunity Inspect & test system transformers, relays, contactors, & controllers. Quantify performance.

  • Repair small air flows in a plenum and reunite airdrop

  • Perform a complete & comprehensive, room-by-room, digital carbon monoxide test of a whole home

  • Advise client on other approaches to decrease energy consumption, enhance security, & improve comfort.

  • Water clean condenser coil(s) at a discounted rate

  • Replace conventional air filter(s) that customers provide

  • Level condensing before for suitable motor & posture wear

  • Lubricate motor & fan bearings in addition to other moving components as needed

  • Inspect evaporator coil and drain pan when easily available

  • Inspect condensate drain lines & fittings

  • Level & calibrate the toaster

  • Inspect blower motor & fan meeting as necessary

  • Inspect, twist, & evaluation all electrical connections. Including a disconnect switch.

  • Inspect all cooling, electrical cables, connectors, & terminals

  • Evaluation system running & starting capacitors

  • Test all controls, switches, relays, transformers, contactors, & motors

  • Measure starting & running amperes, line voltage, & controller voltage

  • Evaluate system-starting capacities system for good airflow & air shipping

  • Inspect & adjust safety controls

  • Monitor refrigerant (Freon) pressures & temperatures and document super-heat & sub-cooling. Compare mill specifications.

  • Fix the Freon metering control apparatus per factory/manufacturer recommendation

  • Test & Assess the air-conditioning for appropriate production & capability. Monitor fan motors & breaker operating temperatures 

Commercial Gas & Oil Furnaces

You rely on your furnace to meet the heating requirements of your office space. You can count on the stellar reputation of Trane® oil and gas furnaces and their solid warranties. Efficient and reliable, Trane® heating systems will provide years of value.

Commercial Heat Pumps

Providing both heating and cooling functionality, heat pumps are an efficient solution for your commercial heating and air conditioning needs. 

Commercial Packaged Dual Fuel

Heating and ac systems include the very same elements you find in a split system. However, they are designed to work together in 1 cabinet. We offer a variety of air handling alternatives and efficiency level options.

Commercial Variable Rate Systems

The Trane Tru Comfort™ systems provide comfort to you by conducting. This permits the enthusiast, and the compressor to change working BTU and rate slowing down or speeding up in no more than 1/10 of increments to maintain relaxation.

Commercial Mini Splits (Ductless HVAC Systems)

Get dependable cooling and heating with no ductwork using heating and cooling. Constructed for comfort, our mixture of underfloor heating, and cooling systems are easily mounted at the ceiling or onto the wall. Ductless HVAC systems are a versatile selection for homeowners searching for comfort alternatives that are zoned that are easy.

Commercial Air Conditioning Heating System Fredericksburg VA
Commercial Air Conditioning Heating System Fredericksburg VA
We’re Proud to Be Trane® Technicians

We provide commercial heating and air conditioning repairs and replacements, and installations. Trane® HVAC systems are the industry gold standard for quality and reliability. Access Heating & Air is proud to provide service, installation, and warranty services for Trane® heating and cooling products. 

When you purchase a Trane® furnace, a Trane® air conditioner, or a heat pump, you can depend on us to supply the right product for your needs at a competitive price. We provide full service for all of our Trane® HVAC products. 

We help our commercial customers select the right Trane® HVAC product for your business's comfort and energy efficiency.

Commercial HVAC Air Conditioning Heating System Repair Service Fredericksburg
Why Choose Access Heating & Air for Your Commercial HVAC Needs?

In a Fredericksburg business environment, it is important to consider both the comfort and safety of a company’s customers, visitors, and employees. Access Heating & Air is fully committed to your business's heating, cooling, and air quality needs. We offer:


  • Factory-trained, and NATE certified service technicians

  • Commercial HVAC maintenance programs

  • Fully-stocked service trucks, 24-hour emergency customer support

  • A full array of quality services, such as HVAC system upgrading and replacement, automation and control systems, indoor air quality products, engineering, and design services, and others.


Questions? Contact us today! 

Commercial Air Conditioning Heating System Fredericksburg VA
Free Estimates on Commercial HVAC Repairs & Replacement Call Now:  540-710-5754
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